IoNTELLIGENCE is the Playbook for Professional Success, Personal Transformation, and the Pursuit of Happiness

When you strip away all of the fancy status and success markers we chase in contemporary life, people want three key things.

We want to improve at our jobs and roles as family members, partners, and friends. 

We want to grow regularly because humans are energized by changing themselves and, by extension, their world.  

Finally, we want to be happy – not the ephemeral version of pleasure that modern society peddles, but rather the fulsome, satisfying sense of feeling that nothing is missing. 

In other words, we want to perform, transform and flourish. 

I spend my days helping people accomplish those three things – and my nights and weekends pondering how to do it better. 

For over a decade, I’ve served as a strategic advisor to entrepreneurs and executives – but I’ve been training all my life for this role. 

I bring 25 years of professional experience into play to give my clients the best guidance possible.

I also read 100 books and listen to over 300 podcast episodes a year as research for my work, so you don’t have to. 

I distill all of that information into intelligence – the ideas and concepts that are delivered in each issue.

It also contains many of the same tactical and actionable tools I use in my work, packaged in easy-to-digest portions and designed for you to practice immediately. Every IoNTELLIGENCE post should yield news that you can use – right away – to chip away at a problem you’re facing or reframe a situation defying an easy solution. 

We’ll cover a lot of ground, but all the topics cluster around the trinity of helping you perform, transform, and flourish.

If you are curious about:

  • How to tap into the latest insights from neuroscience to perform better at work and be happier in your life
  • What both Aristotle and Andrew Huberman can teach us about how to be fulfilled 
  • How to improve your workflow in your job and be more strategic in your career choices
  • What posture to have and strategic approach to follow when confronted with the Generative AI revolution
  • How to become Future-RE*A*DY 
  • Why Surveillance Capitalism has been supplanted by a new system – Dopamine Capitalism – and what we should do about it
  • “Big” questions that you’ve been avoiding – like what do happiness and success look like to you personally 
  • Why it’s so critical to treat restorative activities like social outings, exercise, and especially sleep as investments in your productivity rather than indulgences 
  • The idea that Reinvention is the 21st Century meta-skill – for both you and your kids – and that there’s a clear skill set, mindset, and toolkit you need to develop to become infinitely adaptable 

These are the kinds of ideas that get my mind racing. If you’re similarly intrigued by these types of questions and like to blend science, technology, and philosophy into an intellectual smoothie every once in a while … this newsletter and the community around it are definitely for you.

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