Wondering what to read to feed your mind or just looking for some strategies for Acceleration or Reinvention? Check out my IoNTELLIGENCE Brief Newsletter, where I share the best tips, articles, books, documentaries and what I call “philosophical espresso shots” that I’ve come across lately.

I’m guessing you’re a bit like me and lots of other busy professionals these days. So many people I know are curious and want to improve their lives and careers, but the hectic pace of contemporary life makes it so hard to stay on top of – let alone absorb – what’s important.

I’m very lucky – I get exposed to all sorts of smart content as part of my job as a strategic advisor to executives and organizations. People often asked me over coffees and lunches for recommendations on what to “feed their minds”, which is why I started and now share this newsletter. The IoNTELLIGENCE Brief is my personally curated “must-watch” and “must-read” list to help you accelerate your career or reinvent yourself into a new one.

From how to resist the lure of endless Instagram feeds and kill bad habits to learning how the CIA makes decisions, every month I try to collect interesting and practical information that helps you get smarter faster. In others words, I want to give you “intelligence” that you can use – right away (hence the play on words in the name).

I’m still new at this, so please let me know how I can improve the newsletter. Don’t be shy to let me know what you think.

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