I know that everyone is in a hurry to turn the page on this incredibly challenging year, but doing so too quickly would be a mistake.

Life seems to naturally slow down this time of year for those of us who are fortunate enough to enjoy a holiday. This season is quite unlike Decembers past, as the lockdowns we’re all experiencing are forcing us all to go inside. But they can afford us a wonderful moment to look inward, too.

Humans are hardwired to look forward. Studies show that we spend almost half (48%) of our days contemplating the future. In comparison, we think about the present 28% of the time and only 12% is devoted to reflecting on the past.

This is not always a bad thing. After all, focus on the horizon has propelled our species forward. But I would argue that the best way to think intelligently about the future is after a meaningful evaluation of the past.

Deep, productive, contemplative reflection is not a conversation most people have with themselves these days. That’s because it’s not an activity that occurs naturally. So you have to make it happen – intentionally.

Before you turn your attention to 2021 goals and resolutions, take stock of 2020. It will provide the perfect platform for looking forward to next year.

For a template on how to do just that, click on the link below: