The 7 Red Flags Checklist

We’ve all been in challenging work environments; sadly, it’s a constant of professional life as the dreaded off-site and – my personal least favorite – the office birthday party. But how can we know when the regular grind of work (they call it “work” for a reason, after all) tips into something more ominous? In other words, when do we know when it’s time to consider quitting our job?

Here are 7 Red Flags that will help you decide if it’s time to make a change. If you have experienced 4 or more of these, it’s a cause for concern. You are probably deeply unfulfilled, if not unhappy, in your work life and you could be at risk of burnout.

If you do decide to quit, consider reinventing yourself. Often, the problems we are running away from at “work” follow us to the next job because we need to redesign some fundamental aspects of our life.