Strategies for Anticipation, Acceleration and Reinvention


I work with executives and small teams. My clients vary. Many are CEOs, senior leaders of start-up businesses or key teams within a larger, established organization.

I also work with individuals who are trying to sort through key strategic decisions regarding their life or career.

I typically work with a client a number of times a month for an hour at a time, where we meet in person if possible or by video call if necessary.

My advisory work is concentrated on two types of services.


 ac•cel•er•a•tion noun \ik-ˌse-lə-ˈrā-shən, (ˌ)ak-\

: the act or process of moving faster

: the act or process of accelerating

So much of what people need to know to succeed is not taught; they have to learn those lessons the hard way. I help individuals and organizations accelerate their performance by capturing the wisdom from best practices, and from an innovative and proprietary system to learn from mistakes.


The Career Nutrition™ suite of personal and professional development workshops teaches and develops the skills and techniques that you need to succeed in the 21st-century workplace:

  • Next-Level Networking: Building your Network Capital
  • Negotiation Boot Camp

Start-ups and already successful companies alike can benefit from learning how to leverage their errors – and those of their competitors – to their advantage:

  • How to Master your Mistakes: The 6 Step M.A.S.T.E.R. Checklist™
  • The 12 Magnificent Mistake Habits™ for Leaders and Organizations


Strategic Advisory Services


re•in•vent transitive verb \ˌrē-ən-ˈvent\

: to make major changes or improvements to (something)

: to present (something) in a different or new way

I help individuals and organizations reinvent themselves in response to changing personal, social, economic or technological circumstances.


  • Presence and Presentation Workshop
  • Making the Most of your Media Moment Workshop
  • Leader Living™: a new approach to leadership
  • Portfolio IV Strategic Audit
  • Portfolio IV Personal Brand Audit
  • Portfolio IV Reinvention Plan


Strategic Advisory Services

Among Ion’s keynote topics


Negotiation Boot Camp: Basic training for negotiating life

The Hive Mind and 100 Year Lives: Two revolutions that will transform work, wealth and wellbeing

Investing in your Reinvention Portfolio: How to regularly reinvent yourself

Interested in working with me?

Ion’s presentation was the most thought-provoking of the conference; his lessons on negotiation are still being talked about today. Ion is a dynamic and engaging speaker who can give you the insights you need to take your organization, business strategy or life to the next level.

Dr. Ali Okhowat
Health Emergencies Officer, World Health Organization | Egypt

Ion’s professional development workshops compressed his 20 years of experience into 4 hours of insights packed with practical applications. I learned so much in that half-day that I’ve been able to apply to my own career, and his strategic advice since then has been an invaluable resource when I’m faced with a particularly thorny problem or dilemma. Everyone should have someone like Ion in their corner when facing professional challenges …I have used and reused my learnings with my team and have been able to see a significant shift from where we are to where we would like to be. To me, those sessions with Ion, has been an investment for a lifetime.

Anu George Canjanathoppil
Director- National Interventions, India at International Justice Mission | India

Ion’s message about the power of learning from mistakes stands out in a crowded field of leadership advice. The Magnificent Mistake Management Workshop helped our senior leaders recognize the power of transforming their mistakes and provided the tools to leverage them into actionable improvements for our organization. The results from his work with us have been immediate and impactful.

Todd Gustafson
Executive Director, Kinexus | United States

The environment we operate in is extremely dynamic and the role of strategic planning is critical. In early 2015, we began working with Ion. His systematic approach to strategic planning took what is sometimes esoteric and made it tangible. Ion’s impressive work has made a significant impact to our business: we are in a far better place – with more specific and well thought through plans – than we were when we started the process. I highly recommend Ion to any business looking to strategically reinvent themselves or accelerate their organization’s growth.

Alister Maple-Brown
CEO, Rockend | Australia

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