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The Modern World is a Dopamine Minefield. Here’s how to navigate it.

The Modern World is a Dopamine Minefield. Here’s how to navigate it.

Have you had your mind hijacked by TikTok and wondered how that happened? Or maybe you’re the kind of person who gets most excited about planning your next trip? The driver of your behavior in both cases is a brain chemical called Dopamine, and you need to get familiar with it – right away. Whether you realize it or not, that neurotransmitter rules our world today. But while it has served a critical role in the propagation of our species, dopamine is absolutely terrible for our sense of satisfaction as individuals. Moreover, it’s being used to stimulate and manipulate us in ways that are distracting at best and addictive at worse. Dopamine is the new Nicotine. We need to reset our brains and go on a Dopamine Diet. Use my NOPA Method to get off the Dopa.

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Classical Philosophy salons tackled the profound and the past. Pop Philosophy is a forum to discuss the prosaic and the present. I like to examine life. Contemporary society contains countless topics that beg for considered discussion. Sometimes I turn my curiosity on serious issues. Often, I think perhaps a little too deeply on slightly more frivolous questions. Perhaps there are some of you out there a bit like me. This, then, is a place for ‘philosophy’ for the rest of us. Join me in thinking seriously about not-so-serious things…


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